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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Pondering deeply? Not quite. But of course that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to be. I simply need to get my focus back -- focus for writing.

I was such a prolific writer in my 30's...makes me wonder what it would've been like for me if blogging was available then. But, that was then and this is now. Profound? Hardly.

For the past 4 weeks, I've been using our little 2 year old Gateway netbook to access the internet -- not sure yet whether I like the keyboard or not. It also explains why I haven't been too social lately. Guess I'm like a lot of other people, wanting things simple and convenient, or not much happens. Of course, I'm assuming I know how a lot of other people are. I could be dead wrong. Yes, me. Profound? There are those who think I may have just qualified myself. (haha)

My mother left to stay with my brother 6 days ago...she'll be back in 4. Her third day away found us at the ER with my mother-in-law (who also lives with my husband and myself). She had fainted. They never figured out exactly why, but we learned she had a good case of the flu. She's 72.

Other than that, nothing very interesting has been happening in my life lately. Our car is running fine. Our 3 dogs are fine...considering what it is to have 3. The house is hunky-dory. My decluttering plan is going...well...progressing as I had about expected.   Everything is actually quite fine.

I have to admit, life is pretty much the same it's been for awhile -- that is, considering all things to be considered.

(Sounds like one of those wonderfully profound remarks from the movie The Matrix -- doesn't it? Well...doesn't it????)

Okay, I definitely need help. I admit it. Now that is  deeply profound ;~)