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Friday, July 29, 2011

I Haven't Run Away...

Tomorrow I turn 60. This is so saddening, yet, so exciting at the same time! I will be camping with my husband, my mother-in-law (seriously) and my little cocker -- for 3 days and nights in the Arapaho National Forest at 9350 feet, just north of Black Hawk, Colorado. One of the evenings, we'll be celebrating 2 of our birthdays at Seasons' Buffet in The Lodge Casino...
I will write more about it upon my return :~)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Birth Order Funk

Birth order isn't important
To a juggernaut,
An umlaut,
To sauerkraut,
Or even an argonaut.

But it's important to me.

And, the order of birth doesn't matter
To a patter,
A shatter,
To splatter,
Or even a cake batter.

But it matters to me.

The order of one's birth brings revelry
To a rivalry,
And chivalry
To devilry,
Or even a call for the cavalry.

So should it be -- to me!
(Inspired by Lisa Cihlar, poet and friend.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What A Day It Is...

What a day it is, turning it around in my mind. Picking up remnants in the yard from last night's storm. My sick little doggie, Ginger, taking an extra long walk this morning, then eating a scrambled egg after having refused breakfast for over a week. Facebook? Someone asking, If our nation falls, will it be because of debt or condoning homosexuality? (sigh) And, I've been thinking about posting the pics I took late yesterday afternoon of the tiny green hummingbird that visited my petunias. Made my care and storm-protection of those huge baskets well worth it :~)

Ah, yes! And I am actually contemplating the possibility of writing again...will see what develops.

I believe it really all began with my 25th wedding anniversary...