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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Z" is for Zoom-Zoom

After living in Alaska for 2 years, we felt somewhat estranged moving back to what the Alaskans referred to as the lower 48. Because of the cost of shipping, we had sold practically everything we owned -- getting even more for our Blazer 4x4 than we had originally paid. As we settled into our new home in Vancouver, Washington, we had a powerful commodity for purchasing another vehicle -- cash!  

I don't even remember how many days nor how many car lots we had been to, but I do recall it was the Fourth of July weekend and drizzling. There it sat -- a one-owner, low-mileage, meticulously kept, 5-year old, Ford Crown Victoria. It was maroon in color, just like the many unmarked police cars of that time. Only one problem: the sticker price 
was about $2000 out of our range.
The bottom line? Cash talked. I was in my first luxury Crown Vic with plush reclining seats, power under the hood and a tight turning radius. Somehow, it was slightly reminiscent of my first 2 cars I ever owned: a 1967 Mustang fastback, and my 1969 Chevy Malibu Super Sport 396 w/4-on-the-floor. That's when I first realized that children aren't the only ones who get to go zoooooOOM!

Did you know you can buy a car on Ebay? I didn't. Not until I decided to look for an upgrade to our seriously aging red Vic. We were now hooked on these fine over-the-road cars, wanting one in teal, and there...on Ebay...was exactly what we wanted! In Pittsburgh of all places. Yeah, the one in Pennsylvania -- 2600 miles away. But we went for the bid anyway...and won it!

Now, get this: I visited friends in Ohio, stayed at my folk's home in Minnesota -- getting to spend time with my dad over what turned out to be his last Father's Day -- enjoyed seeing a good friend (my mother-in-law) in Wyoming, said "hi" to friends in Montana, bought a plane ticket, covered all my food and gas, PLUS paid for a newer car -- all for only half of what we paid, many years before, for the older car! And to top it off, still made $500 selling our favorite Vic.

But, time moves on, and we had to face the facts again. Our move to Colorado had pushed the teal Crown Vic well pass her prime. So, this time we decided it'd be best to lease a brand new Victoria.

We thought we knew where the Ford dealership was when we left the house that day. But we thought wrong. Knowing the Mazda dealer was owned by the same people, we turned in...only to ask for directions. When my husband turned off the engine, I knew we were in "trouble."

Well, at least it was a lease like we had agreed on, just not a Crown Victoria lease. When I drove away in the 2008 MotorTrend SUV of the Year, a mica red Mazda CX-9 Touring, I felt like I was driving an SUV sports car! -- complete with power under the hood and a tight turning radius!

In fact, when I ordered my new pair of NikeID shoes that summer, I simply had to do it -- across the backs it read: Zoom-Zoom.

The lease was for only three years, and the time when we would need to decide what to do with the Mazda, was quickly approaching. Would we finally make it over to Ford for our infamous Crown Victoria?? contest! We were in love with our CX-9. 

We headed over to the Mazda dealer a few months early -- just to talk. That's when they decided to make us one of those offers that we -- quite honestly -- could not refuse. 
You got it -- a 2011 CX-9 Touring (Dolphin Gray) with the old familiar features of reclining seats (leather and heated!), power under the hood and...a tight turning radius :~)

Besides, I've always liked going...

(Hhmm...I wonder if it means anything for us to have gone from a red car to a sort of blue one -- again ?!! LOL)


Misha said...

Hehehe looks like you converted to Mazda. ^_^

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Kathy, I see you've picked up the award I created! It was so much fun, wasn't it??

Congrats! :)

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Enjoy your Mazda! May it bring you many safe trips and happy adventures :)

M Kathy Brown said...

Sam ~
There is no doubt! Thank you very much for the god-speed :~)


M Kathy Brown said...

Elizabeth ~
Thanks for stopping by!

Thought the award was made on behalf of Arlee Bird's idea...since he was having trouble with it and had asked for help. I didn't know the zebra was actually yours. But, no problem...he just posted his :~)

M Kathy Brown said...

Misha ~
Your comment gave me a good chuckle :-D

Yep! Converted.


Julie said...

Great post for Z. Just reading it makes me feel like jumping in a sports car and zooming off down the road. :D
Congrats on finishing the Challenge, it was fun reading your posts!

M Kathy Brown said...

Julie ~
Thanks for stopping by. Your comments are valued...if you were in the neighborhood, I'd even take you Zoom-Zoom -- or better yet, let you drive!

See ya round the sites :~)


Kari Marie said...

I love the Mazda 6. Someday...

M Kathy Brown said...

Kari ~
Yeah, the 6 is really nice. We had to go with a big vehicle for when my siblings all visit...needed something that could carry 8 adults and a dog.

Leasing may be an option for you to have one sooner than you thought (?!) It's a lot smaller payment each month than an outright purchase, because there's no interest...only a small rental tax... and I think the credit score just needs to be 700 or above.

OMG...just listen to'd think they're paying me some sort of a commission or something. LOL


Title Loans said...

Well it's probably a good thing you have a Mazda so your shoes fit with their motto! I have yet to get rid of my little Nissan- I just can't do it quite yet. That, and Oregon doesn't have a great selection of used cars. How long did it take you to find your gems?

M Kathy Brown said...

Ava ~
Each time - on the Crown Vics - it was about 5 to 6 days - going to all the car lots every day AND checking online.

Note: NikeID shoes are a special order shoe where you choose your own colors. They also sew whatever you'd like on the backs of the shoes...with some exceptions. My first pair I asked for my initials - the 2nd ones I requested zoom-zoom, since we already had the Mazda :~)