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Saturday, April 9, 2011

"H" is for Hennessy - Mixed by Ray

This is not my normal subject or purpose in writing, but I simply have to tell someone about this new drink I invented...well, me and Ray.

Last night, my husband and I simply had to take one of our best friends (visiting from out of state) to this super cool speakeasy-type jazz bar under the historic Armstrong Hotel, called Ace Gillett's. Their house band, John Olson's Subterranean Jazz Trio, was setting up as we were being escorted to our table. That's when we asked for our favorite server.
Kelly has the looks, charm and personality that appeal to both men and women -- a very rare quality. She brings half the fun of the night to the table, and makes you feel like she's the genie in the bottle, saying, Your wish is my command.

When Kelly asked for our first round of drinks, I was utterly stumped. I knew the master bartender was nearly a drink genius, so I told her I was in the mood for something with brandy or cognac, mixed with kahlua and topped with Gran Marnier. She replied, "Martini?" I nodded and she headed for the bar to talk it through with Ray.

In the end, I received one of the yummiest martini drinks ever, that even included a reasonably yummy price tag. I began with Korbel Brandy, but switched it up to Hennessy Cognac VS for my 2nd and 3rd rounds.  

This is paradise, I thought. Smooth to the palate, tingly-warm going down, and an almost chocolaty finish. I decided to call it my:
                     Kahlua-Cognac Gran Maritini.

This is why "H" can only be for least for now :~)) 

NOTE: The pictures of Ace Gillett's and Ray are courtesy of Ace Gillett's on Facebook.


Kari Marie said...

I think I'll take one right now!

Stopping by on the A-Z

M Kathy Brown said...

Kari ~
Nice to see you stop by! Wish I could serve one up for you to try :~)

Ray said...

Kathy, my dear, you're VERY kind. Thank you.

M Kathy Brown said...

Ray ~
And to top it off, I now hear you are also an author/writer. That's a pretty complete package from my point of view :~)

See ya at Gillett's!


Ray said...

See you at Ace Gillett's.