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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"F" is for F.E.A.R. - and its Demise

Fear is a strange creature. Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I even dared to believe that it was a good motivator under certain conditions. Yes, it may indeed provoke a person into action, but it'll be short-lived. True motivation is when a person responds from the heart, and long-lasting desired results are achieved. 

Then, a not quite as long so-very-long-time ago, I was taught how to confront fear -- be it mine own or anyone else's. This, I craved. But how scary it seemed to even begin to take it on! 

Actually, it's not nearly as daunting as it first sounded to be. The seed of fear is doubt, which breeds worry, which eventually brings on the fear. It lessens the hair on the beast to break it down.

On the flip-side, the opposite of worry is trust, and the opposite of doubt is confidence. This means it's possible to derail the fear train at either of those two points. Where there is worry, simply build trust; where there is doubt, focus on whatever it takes to get rooted in total, undeniable, confidence.

And to seal the deal and stay focused, there's a nifty acronym that has always kept me from falling off the edge of panic or freezing in my tracks and just going numb. It clarifies and defines fear in such a way that it truly shrinks it down to near bite-size. Perhaps you've heard it before:


I just look that not-so-hairy tiny creature right in the face in the mirror, and tell it what a big fake it is! I remind it how it wouldn't even hold up in a court of law! Then I just go about my business building the trust and instilling the confidence, until I'm good and saturated. 

Actually... it's sort of fun to get rid of that stuff :~)

~~With that all being said, I can now get ready to head out for the evening with some absolutely wonderful people for the best and most unique tasting pizza -- anywhere -- "F" is for Falbo Brothers' Pizza!  


Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.
Go to and pick up your award.

Ey Wade said...

How awesome an award! you deserve it. Anyway I love to kick fear in the teeth and then grab pizza

M Kathy Brown said...

Deidra ~
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! I've already place the award in my sidebar, linked to your site :~)

M Kathy Brown said...

So aptly put! That's exactly what I'm doing :~)

Monica Devine said...

I've never seen that acronym, but what a handy way to learn how to face fear and carry on in spite of what you feel.

M Kathy Brown said...

Monica ~
What I really love the best about it is the fact that it works. Everyone I know who has applied it says the same thing -- it really works!

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

That's a very wise way to deal with fear. LOVE the acronym :)

Julie said...

I love the acronym! I'm definitely going to remember that.
Hope you enjoyed the pizza! :)

M Kathy Brown said...

Sam ~
Thank you so much...I am glad you liked it so much :~)

M Kathy Brown said...

Julie ~
Yes, the pizza was very good...and spicy:
Southwest Garlic Chicken with jalapenos (without on mine), sundried tomatoes, onions and bacon.

Fun night -- without any fears! lol