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Monday, April 11, 2011

"I" is for Island - the Catalina Kind

I always thought there is one thing I am not, and that's a romantic. Who's a romantic? Or should I say, What's a romantic? Actually, either one will work. At least the online dictionaries don't state much difference between the two.

Romantic ~ adj.
  1. Inclined toward the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love; as a romantic candlelit dinner
  2. Relating to love, esp. in a sentimental or idealized way; as a romantic comedy
    • an idealized view of reality 
      • relating to the artistic and literary movement of Romanticism 
        After reading through those definitions, I would still tend to believe that I'm really not much of a romantic. But...I'm also starting to realize that I may have been lying to myself. 

        Cao Yong ~ The Vision Beyond
        Why? Because of these other definitions I found: 
        • passionate and imaginative, rather than structured 
        • a soulful and amorous idealist to the extent of being impractical 
        • a visionary
        These insights reveal why I might also be part of that illustrious group of dreamers called romantic, and perhaps this also explains why I would choose Catalina Island as my #2 choice for a vacation. 

        It was our first real vacation -- the kind that you actually go somewhere other than visiting family. All the plans were in place -- two complete days of fun at Knott's Berry Farm, Movieland Wax Museum and Disneyland, then over to Long Beach where my husband and I would board an early morning ferry headed for our romantic getaway on Catalina Island. 

        Although there are actually two towns on the Island (Two Harbors being one of them) Avalon is the port of entry. It has a very beautiful bay, especially at night when the entire beachfront comes alive with its inhabitants seeking fresh fish cuisine or an evening stroll.

        We chose the Victorian-style, historic Glenwood Hotel for our 3-day stay. They offered a wine and cheese social every evening, and a continental breakfast in the same courtyard where luminaries such as Amelia Earhart and Teddy Roosevelt often sipped their tea. The crowning touch was our room, which pleasantly depicted a bygone era, along with a very comfy bed. 

        The best Italian restaurant I've ever eaten at was Prego's on Catalina Island -- an ultra tiny, family-owned taste of Italy on the waterfront, all done up in red checkered gingham on the tables and in the windows. I asked if they were connected to the grocery store sauce, and was informed they were one of a others...including the sauce.

        So...maybe you're wondering why I called Catalina my #2 choice for a vacation. Maybe, just maybe, you thought for a moment and wondered what my #1 choice might be. Answer? The Grecian Islands...sigh. 

        Okay.'m not a romantic. Me?! Uh-uh...not at all. That's why I write NON-fiction...right??! ...HA!


        Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

        I've never been to Catalina. It looks gorgeous!

        Julie said...

        Reading this made me wish I drop everything and go to Catalina right now, how beautiful! I've never been, but I'm putting it on my list now.

        Angela Felsted said...

        I see why you would choose it. The view is gorgeous.

        M Kathy Brown said...

        Sam ~
        It's like a mini-bite out of time from the 1920's, spiced with Southern Calif. tourist fun, and mixed into a little seaside mountain village of about 3000 people...then surrounded by protected conservancy land grazed by buffalo and Arabian horses. How's that for a mouthful :~D

        M Kathy Brown said...

        Julie ~
        I'd go again in a heartbeat...even though I've heard that Prego had to close about 5 years ago, after being in business for over 20 years :~(

        It is still so worth the trip...there is so much to see and do, and a perfect place to write :~)

        M Kathy Brown said...

        Angela ~
        Nice meeting you! I'll probably stop by to say "hi" this weekend.


        Christa said...

        Seriously? The Grecian Islands? Never knew!

        Ya know, Branden would want to go with you. It's his dream to visit Greece and Italy and to live in England.

        M Kathy Brown said...

        Christa ~
        Yes, Grecian...started when I was 15 or 16 then tremendously intensified after learning so much about the apostle Paul...then hit phase 3 after studying Greek.

        Kelly and I were supposed to be doing a Mediterranean cruise of that area THIS summer...for my 60th...but I think we already missed the boat on this one, before it even launched :~) lol

        Christa said...

        You wanting to go to the Grecian Islands totally makes sense, especially with all your Biblical education and knowledge. So not surprised there. Certainly didn't know you had interest ever since you were 15 or 16.

        Branden has been learning quite a bit about Greece in his history class and wants to learn Greek now. Before he wanted to learn Italian. No interest in Spanish or French. He has been memorizing the Greek alphabet and even pulled the concordance to the Greek NT off our book shelf to study the alphabet. Very strange that I have a child interested in greek/Greece and medieval times, and we haven't even been participating in fellowships or teaching him the bible. I'd only be interested because of the Bible. Caleb on the other hand enjoys making up his own language, and documents all his words.

        I remember you asking me about the passport process and that you were thinking of going somewhere, but I didn't know where. How come you think you missed the boat? There's still time for a passport, if that's one of the reasons. Only takes 4 weeks from start to finish.