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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"T" is for Time, by Julius O'Hara

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Directed by John Huston in 1953, is the little remembered movie, Beat the Devil. It's because of my love for the old Humphrey Bogart pictures that I even stumbled upon this one. Bogart stars, but the storyline doesn't amount to much, and my favorite Bogie co-star, Lauren Bacall, isn't even in it.

So, who is Julius O'Hara? One of the characters played by another of my favorites, Peter Lorre. There is one scene where he is spotlighted, that pretty much saves the far as I am concerned.

Mr. O'Hara turns his back to the others in the room and makes some rather profound remarks about time. He speaks so quickly, the viewer almost misses it. Being succinctly stated, I was compelled to recapture his words deeply:
Time (as Defined by Juilius O'Hara)
Time. Time. What is time?
Swiss manufacture it.
French hoard it.
Italians squander it.
Americans say it is money.
English say it does not exist.
You know what I say?
I say, time is a crook!


Brian said...

Quite possibly my favorite movie quote of all time...wish I had an .mp3 of it so I could use it as a ringtone on cellphone. Absolutely priceless.

M Kathy Brown said...

Bri ~ Knew you'd enjoy this one :~) I still remember the first time we all watched this together...aaahh.


Anonymous said...

HINDUS say it does not exist! Not English ;)

And yes, great quote!