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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Noah of an Alternate Universe

In My Opinion:

In case you haven't seen the movie Noah and were still thinking about it... my opinion, Aronofsky stole the concept and character from the Bible just to make a "save the earth" statement that animals and growing things might be more important to God than man. 

You are seriously joking, right??

He also communicated that man's WORST evil EVER is how he has collectively harmed "nature." 

Imagine this: Of all the thoughts in the heart of mankind, every imagination, purpose and desire was ONLY evil. How often? Continually. (Genesis 6:5)

The man's portrayal of both God ("Creator") and Noah is VERY twisted and disgusting -- truly NOT an interpretive Biblical movie in any sense of the word -- as Aronofsky himself has stated. 

Definitely an AU (Alternate Universe) story -- utterly altered reality and remiss of original intent.

But -- by using this title and promoting it as the flood of the Bible, he has been able to draw moviegoers that perhaps would not have gone to his movie under a different guise. 

Pure plagiarism, plain and simple.

'ya think?

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Ey Wade said...

I don't know about plagiarism, but he was definitely going toward the shock value and the name to draw them in. Especially the followers of the Bible.
From what I read, the man is an atheist so giving glory wouldn't have been his priority.
Using familiar/famous names (and titles) as titles of books and movies has become the norm, lately. As if real creativity has fallen away. Nothing is sacred and almost nothing is new.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.