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Monday, November 8, 2010

Want to Write But...

...over 200 bulbs to plant, and running out of time!! What was I thinking?!! (sigh)

Wednesday, November 10

Cold, cold, cold.  The Cold is upon us now - for sure.  A 70% chance of snow by 5:00 tonight and all day tomorrow.  What am I to do with over 150 spring bulbs still sitting in various bags, waiting to feel the blanket of earth about them? (sigh)

[The grammar of it all: Recently I discovered that the seasons of the year are not capitalized unless to begin a sentence or when used as the name of a person or place. Surprised? I was.]


Cal said...

Hope you got your bulbs planted before this snow!

M Kathy Brown said...

Cal - Wanted to get back to you... got involved with "a lot of stuff" about my mom, so the blog gets neglected sad to say, as did my bulbs. But I am updating later today with my "Plan B..." blog:~)) Thx for asking!