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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi all. My primary reason for posting this is simply to say, "I was here." For the past week my thoughts have had to turn to budget planning. Unless I harness both my time and money, I will not have the energy to go where my vision wants to take me.

Meanwhile...written from a poetry prompt just for fun, and dedicated to all cats who demand to be let outside, then refuse to go when they find out how blistery it is:


I would never unlock the door for
Persnickety the cat -
That high-minded, snooty, and snitty,
Double-minded li'l "brat."

Until he learns how to treat me right,
That I am where it's at,
He can just dream from the window sill,
And that's enough of that!

Okay, you've probably already guessed...I don't own a cat. But, since I did at one time, I feel I have "rites of passage" on this one. And besides, I have a dog that when she insists she has to go out to relieve herself, I hook up the leash and escort her out back, just to find out all she wanted was to eat snow! And, of course, by that time I'm about to freeze my you-know-what off. Yeah, I know,...guess it makes me out to be a faux cat owner that's easily faux'd by a dog. Somehow, it seems there should be a lesson in there, somewhere...but, just to be real...I don't see it :~)


Sunny said...

I have three house cats...I can tell you from experience that your poem is on the money : )

M Kathy Brown said...

Thanks for the support-vote, Sunny!

jevans-campbell said...

Hey there, I love your blog & musings. Yes, the faux cat makes me smile. I have a cat named J.J. and I wrote a faux cat story, pretending he talks. You can read it under punditsandpoetry.
Joyce/She writes

M Kathy Brown said...

Joyce - Glad I could bring you a smile; look forward to checking out your J.J. story when I'm a little more awake... tomorrow :~) Thanks for commenting!

jevans-campbell said...

M Kathy, I was hear looking forward to any good stuff you post