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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A True Critic

Po Bronson co-wrote the book Nurture Shock, and after reading his Red Room blog of Jan 19, 2011, I’ve concluded that I can’t critique what he’s written. Why? Because I haven’t raised kids myself, where it worked out great, and then endeavored to write about it. 

Doing things the wrong way and realizing it didn’t work, doesn’t make anyone an authority on a subject. Henry Ford observed the way automobiles were being made and knew it wasn’t working. But it wasn’t until he actually came up with the solution of an assembly line method of production, and proved that it worked, that his way became the standard for comparison. 

It’s not until you’ve actually experienced what it’s like to do something right and you've proven what works – where it turns out the *best* - that you perhaps become an authority on the subject. At that point, you’ve actually earned the right to be a true critic. At least, that is what I've come to believe about myself.

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