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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thankfulness For Life Helps

My mother is back from her ten day stay with my brother. The first 3 days seemed somewhat rough going, but we adjusted and actually managed to survive the transition without any serious damage. 

Thankfulness for life always seems to help.

Nearly a week later, I was taking my beloved husband to the ER for acute stomach and side/back pain -- less than 2 weeks after being there with his mother. He's doing fine...nothing catastrophically serious anyway. But it caused me to pause in thankfulness for having something as simple as -- life.

Then he got his paycheck. It was 4 days short on pay. I'm still not at all sure how everything got covered those 2 weeks, but I know I chose to remain calm and confident that we would survive without any major consequences. Of course, remaining thankful for life certainly didn't hurt.

When the 3 dogs got cabin fever yesterday, because of sudden inclement weather, and I felt like strangling each of them for ignoring every single command...guess what!?

Thankfulness for life really does help!

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