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Friday, May 4, 2012

Seriously...No Comment

I know it's hard to believe, but in pondering my extensive lack of words to write, I have made an interesting observation:

It seems that whenever I have to actually take the time out to seriously focus on my life, then take the time to do what is needed to adjust or fix all my ongoing affairs, I simply have no opinion -- one way or another -- on what anyone else is doing with theirs...or...even my own, for that matter.

I have yet to decide whether this is a good thing...
                                                                             or not ;~)


Christa said...

Wow, that's a tough one to ponder!

M Kathy Brown said...

@Christa~ I think it good that I don't try to point out the splinters in other people's eyes when I have a beam in my is not so good when it comes to keeping a blog going on a regular basis [which needs to happen if you want to keep your "followers."]Such a dilemma - huh!

Thanks for commenting :~)

Christa said...

Understandable! Perhaps take the objective approach on life vs. the subjective. You do that already in your writing, but maybe it'll help jumpstart your thoughts/blog-writing. ;-)

Bonne chance! Good luck!

Angela Felsted said...

I think this is fabulous, and definitely a good thing. I aspire to have that attitude at some point as well.

M Kathy Brown said...

@Angela ~
Thank you -- that is very encouraging!

@Christa ~
You are right. Normally I am quite objective on many things. But, it seems I've had no motivating objective viewpoints on any subject for quite awhile. Actually, ever since the A to Z Challenge over a year ago. I'm trying not to make this a long comment asking for psychoanalysis, that "blogging burnout" perhaps??? lol ;~)