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Thursday, February 24, 2011


To get the full effect of my story I'm about to share, first I need to direct you to the Healing Morning blog, Can I Get an Alien? Go the link and enjoy the ride.

Now, here's the expanded version of the comment I made concerning the Alien...

My husband and I had this happen in the first year of our marriage...nearly 25 years ago I might add. Ours is "moose-face." It was said (or thought to have been said) aloud by my hubby in the middle of a terribly intense argument.

I could swear he called me - out of the blue - a moose-face. When I exclaimed, "What d'ya mean, I'm a moose-face!!" he couldn't figure out why I (that's right - I was supposed to be the culprit) suddenly brought up the word moose-face.

"Moose-face?" he retorted, "Why'd you call me a moose-face!"

Quickly and vehemently I replied, "I didn't call you a moose-face! You're the one who called *me* one!!"

He yelled, "When did I ever call YOU a moose-face?!!"

Shocked at his question, I shouted back at him, "Just now!"

In disbelief he cried out, "I was only repeating what YOU said!"

It soon was like the old Abbott and Costello routine Who's on first? - only with mega-volume, in a car parked next to a public park, and late at night.

But, in only a matter of another minute or two, we had completely stopped arguing and had begun to laugh sooo hard we were crying - trying desperately to catch our breaths. To this day, when that word pops up in conversation, we end up ROFLOAO, even as do our friends who've heard us tell the story many times.

We never did figure out what word he actually said that night. It didn't seem to matter. And, we still cannot - for the life of us - recall what we were arguing about in the first place. Does it matter?

It's nice, though, to be reminded of these things, because humor indeed relieves pressure and makes life a lot more worth living :~)


Healing Morning said...

Hello, Miss Kathy - I finally made it over here to visit you in return, and what a surprise to see that my Alien post inspired you! Thank you, first, for the kind mention and link back, and second, for the equally kind award for Healing Morning blog. I see from your bio blurb that life has its own set of challenges for you, dealing with being a caretaker to your Mom, yet you create much beauty and Light here at your blog. I will click to follow as soon as I post this comment & I hope that you have a Feedburner Email Subscribe button. That's my favorite way to follow most blogs, as it sends your posts directly to my Inbox (I'm not a fan of online RSS readers).

Well met, Kathy! I look forward to getting to know you better via blogging! If you're on Facebook, look me up and also find my FB blogging group (if you haven't already), called Authentic Blogger.



Janel said...

LOL! Moose-Face, love it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your Google account is set up with the "no reply" option, so I can't email you back with responses (I think you were the one that commented that you weren't sure if it was like that).

Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Cute story, thanks for the laugh. And I'm so glad you liked the lovely blog award, it is very much deserved!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

M Kathy Brown said...

Dawn ~
Thanks you so much for your very kind words about my blog. I'm now part of your group Authentic Blogger (nice idea). I've also had a few requests for email subscriptions lately, so I took you up on your idea of an email gadget from Feedburner.

M Kathy Brown said...

Janel ~
I sent an email to you today about that "reply by email" thing...but I do have an email form on my site now for subscribing by email if you're so inclined :~)

M Kathy Brown said...

Julie ~
You have a great weekend, too! I've been fighting walking pneumonia all week...should be able to shake it this weekend, hopefully :~)

Cathy said...

Clever. Thanks for the laugh which, as you remind us, relieves some of the pressures of life ;)

M Kathy Brown said...

Cathy ~
Glad it brought a chuckle :~) I also thought it interesting that you called it "clever." Causes me to ponder...a bit...

RYCJ/Author, Publisher said...

Really sweet story. Would've loved to know the word *you* missheard;-) although true, it's so not important.
And Kathy, thanks for the award. I'll be sure to post it on my blog.