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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Challenge the Pond-er

Here's a good way to challenge *me.* ~ 
(Please note: This is assuming you are a member of Facebook...hhhmmmm)
Pick one of my *Likes* from this link: Pond-er's fb Page. For more than just the 5 featured ones in the sidebar, click on Info, located below the picture. Then, let me know what you chose by sharing it on my Pond-er wall...and if you like my page, there's a button for that, too :~) 
Now, let's see if I will have a story to tell about it - to post on my blog. I'll let you know if I picked yours by leaving a comment on my Wall, under your post. And besides, there's always a fun or challenging moral to all my posts (well, almost always) - to tuck away for some motivated moment in time :~)

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jevans-campbell said...

Hi m Kathy, I stop over to see what's cooking on your blog site. Looks great. Phenomenal read. Keep a smiling, and I'll smile back. ESP wise. Joyce E-C