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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Am I Made Of?

At times I need to stop long enough to simply remind myself of what I'm made of. No stories or anecdotes. No poignant universal truths. Just a glimpse at the chewy caramel center of who I believe I am - (also posted on my Facebook, About You):

There is no person on earth who fails to intrigue me, and thereby touches my soul in some significant way :~) [Each person holds many gems - I like collecting gems.]

When I'm asked: Why do you do the things that you do? Then I reply: Through the years I have learned that my friends don't need an explanation, and the rest wouldn't understand even if I gave them one! [And, I afford my friends the same privilege - no hypocrisy.]

Quite often people seem to take me way too seriously... probably because I often speak with a lot of conviction and passion. Actually, I'm much more like a young willow: I bend and don't easily break... and when a storm blows in, I'm still standing after the dust settles. [Humor always helps - on both sides.]

The results of an IQ test I once took called me a Visionary Philosopher. I would tend to agree. I believe in living with no regrets and always seeing the bigger picture... the one that involves eternal verities. This keeps my life simple and makes it possible for me to love others. [I crave and easily follow anyone's vision when it contributes to individuals becoming a vital part of the bigger picture that all of eternity holds.]

Do you know what you're made of? Have you put it in writing? Please, take the time to read it aloud to yourself... just every once in awhile :~)


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

"Just a glimpse at the chewy caramel center of who I believe I am" - I adore this. You've given me a lot to think about today. :)

M Kathy Brown said...

Thank you, Sam. You just made it all worth it for me, that I took the time to write it today :~)

Cathy said...

A fine, thoughtful piece. I too am on Red Room and will watch for you there.

M Kathy Brown said...

Thanks, Cathy...perhaps we can connect there as well.

marissa said...

This is such a beautiful post and it poses a very important question that we should always be asking ourselves.

I very much enjoy your writing!

It's obvious that you are courageous and have spent the personal, deep-digging time with yourself that allows such solid self-understanding.

Thank you so much for sharing that journey and insight with us!

Blessings, Marissa

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M Kathy Brown said...

Marissa ~
I enjoyed your feedback! I'm always a bit surprised to discover how much others actually like my writing style and my perspective of myself and the peculiarities in life.

Thank you so much for inviting me to contribute to Whippoorwill; I'll have to look through the site and put some good thought into it. Will let you know :~)

Meagan said...

:) Like.