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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything Seems to Happen at Once

Have you ever noticed how there are times in life where everything seems to happen at once

While fighting a sinus infection, a tooth filling falls out, the sewer mainline pipe backs up into the basement shower, and the thawed swordfish is waiting to become that evening's dinner. Which do I ignore and which one gets attention first?

That was the most recent episode. I opted for calling the Drain Doctors first. Everything else got scheduled, including the swordfish.

There was also a mid-summer mini-series...

I am actually managing to prepare a great dinner after having a rather rough night and fighting to stay awake all day, when a favorite neighbor decides to ring the bell, all 3 dogs become obsessed with barking, and my invalid live-in mother suddenly has increased shortness of breath. 

What did I do? I quickly headed to the ER, leaving three dogs, my neighbor AND my dinner ALL hanging. No other good choice -- right?

But, I ask: Is this normalDoes this sort of thing -- I mean the timing of it all -- happen to anyone else? Or, is it something I've simply brought upon myself? 

PLEASE tell me: It is indeed -- normal.  


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Christa said...

Well, I always ask the question, "What is considered NORMAL?" From my experience and perspective on life, and observing others, those kind of things, or things happening all at once, aren't or isn't necessarily "normal," but rather VERY common. So is "common" then normal? If so, then "Yes, it is normal." But, in my opinion, common isn't always normal, and likewise, normal isn't always common. All in all, you are not alone. We all go through it at some point in our lives - and some more than others. How are we to really compare, though? Writing about it and asking people is one way to go about it, for sure. :-)