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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Potential is Not a Valid Argument

With all the talk this year, about abortion, pro-life, planned parenthood and the such like, I cannot resist throwing in my plug nickel's worth. At least I rest assured that many will feel that's what my thinking may be worth. We'll see...

I've always advised young single girls to never marry potential. To lessen the degree of disillusionment, never confuse a man's potential with factual reality. It's simply not wise.

Rather, a savvy young lady should look into a man's track record for what's valid before considering a marital commitment, no matter how great the probabilities are of his possibilities. A guy could have great savoir faire [adaptable; knowing what to do in any situation] and the appearance of becoming the most successful and loving husband...ever..., yet never apply himself.

Potential is simply not valid criteria to base a marriage on.

Likewise true of pregnancy.

I honestly believe what is written in the Bible [the original Word of God given to man]. It is important to note that the first human being, Adam, became a living soul when God breathed the breath of life into him...and not a second before.  

Let's just consider that this has never changed.

A fetus would not become a living soul, until it takes its first breath...and not a second before. Potential -- even the greatest probability of a reality -- would not make it a live human being. That's right. It would have to take it's first breath of air to actually be that wonderful new baby girl or boy.

Why, you might ask, do I refer to the fetus as it?  Because a fetus is only the potential of being born a baby boy or girl, even though it may already look like one. Besides, even Jesus Christ -- God's only conceived son -- was referred to as an it and thing prior to being born, in spite of the fact that Mary had already been told it would be a boy. Seriously.

So, is it a crime to prevent, stop or kill potential?  

Perhaps it should be when considering a young man whose potential has died within him, stopping him from ever becoming what he possibly could have been. But, the last I checked, that is not yet a crime. 

Besides, who would we pin it on if it was? Seriously.

With the same logic, how could we consider, even for a moment, that stopping the potential of a fetus from the possibility of becoming a living soul -- a live and breathing baby girl or boy -- is, of all things...murder??! 

Doesn't an individual have to first be alive [meaning, breath-life] in order to be murdered? And doesn't a person have to be alive to have certain unalienable rights? I'm being somewhat rhetorical, of course.

Is abortion playing God? If a pregnancy is terminated because a fetus aborted from natural causes, does that make God a murderer? Our loving heavenly Father, God, in whom there is no darkness...a murderer??! You have got to be kidding!

Don't misunderstand me. I think potential is tremendous, especially when it is realized...especially when you get to see the baby! But, potential is not a valid argument.

Remember: Killing potential is not a crime. 

Not yet, anyway.


Christa said...

That should get some minds thinking in-depthly. It's simple to understand and very easily agreeable. Yet, unfortunately, many people get wrapped up in the emotional aspects of abortion, pro-choice vs. pro-life, and the "potential." The boundaries aren't always black and white. It should be a comfort to everyone to know that abortion, based on the truth of God's Word, is not murder. But, sadly, God's Word gets twisted and people become confused as to what is the actual Truth on the matter. And then there are others who don't care what God's Word says at all. They base their thoughts and beliefs on what makes sense to them - which might be different from one person to the next.

M Kathy Brown said...

Christa~ Impressive remarks...looks like your mind was/is one of the "in-depthly" ones. I simply capitalized on current events to make a point I've been wanting to write about for many a moon. And I thank you for your support! :~