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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kathy Twist

Traditional. Like a Norman Rockwell.

Usually, I tend to be somewhat unconventional. BUT...this Turkey Day I am actually going traditional. That's what we call it in our neck of the woods, anyway.

I'll be roasting a 22 pound bird in a brown paper bag. Don't chide. The ol' bird will get nice and browned AND...even the white meat will be moist. Tom T will get to enjoy an Italian Extra Virgin rubdown with a full Scarborough Fair (i.e. parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme) of flavor...yummy!

But even before big bird hits the oven, my dozen red garnet "yams" will be doing a prick-'n-tick cook off (prick the skins with a fork and tick-off the minutes till done), then set aside to cool before their fabulous makeover later in the day.

Mr. T will be dressed with the convenience of pork (yes, I said pork) Stove Top. Okay, okay. Nothing truly traditional (from my era anyway) about Stove Top Dressing, BUT...Lord knows I've tried a lot of scratch programs: 2-day dried bread, fresh bread crumbs, corn bread, tortilla, etc. Stove Top wins -- unmodified.

My  beautiful fresh gree-ee-een beans will have an early garlic saute and jump into a sultry veggie better-than-boullion bath, before joining their cream-of-mushroom-soaked craisin friends in the casserole dish. Tucked in with French's Fried Onions and prettied by slivered almonds, it's enough to appease any palate.

Hand-mashed red their skins...after boiling their half naked quarters in fresh chopped (not minced) garlic water touched by the Extra Virgin. Aha! I get to be naughty. Real butter (unsalted) and real milk (2%) added for creaminess.

Turkey giblet gravy -- of course! Jellied cranberry sauce. (Actually tried making it fresh one year.) And, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls -- everyone knows how addicting those are, right??

And what to drink? Wine. Pinot Noir. Willamette Valley or one of the Napa vineyards. Probably a Riesling, too...for my mother. All compliments of my brother.

Wondering whatever happened to the garnets?  Those precious jewels got skinned, sliced and smooshed into a good-sized glass baking dish, enhanced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, salt, black pepper, brown sugar and unsalted butter. Not to forget those toasty melty marshmallows seeping into all the crevices as they make their way to the table. Oh my!

When all is said and done -- dessert. Warm lattice apple pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream, paired up with a slice of award-winning pumpkin pie, crowned with vanilla-pecan real whipped cream. 

Ahhh...traditional sounds sooo good right now. But there's one part I haven't dared to mention yet... 

The prelude.

Dare I tell of our delectable fresh-squeezed margarita mix?  Blood or navel oranges and key limes awaiting the perfect ratio of silver tequilla and contreau (this time, the cadillac -- Grand Marnier).

And dare I admit to indulging in all the afternoon appetizers?   
  • slightly spicy Italian dry salami with a tidbit of applewood smoked cheddar atop a Monet vegetable round
  • the intense flavor of asiago resting on a Zesty Salsa pita crisp; 
  • cream cheese and peanut butter filled celery sticks;  
  • an array of marinated Greek and Italian olives; 
  • and a finishing touch of unsalted roasted walnuts and pecans. 

Yes, it appears that even I can handle traditional. Or, as my mother would say: 

Traditional, with a Kathy twist. :~)

P.S. I will probably be adding pictures in a couple of days.
P.P.S. No pictures...lesson learned: I simply can't be drinking like I'm in my 20's or 30's, when I'm actually in my 60's, and expect to have wonderful food photos.


Christa said...

Sounds, yummy! And definitely traditional, with a Kathy twist.

We, crazy enough, have a 28 lb. bird - killed yesterday - and bought by my husband's boss - to feed at least 10 people - and it's now bathing in a brine solution prepared by Chef Brian. There's talk that Big Bird is missing from Sesame Street. Uh-oh!

The chef will be giving the bird a seasoned rub-down, as well, and has made cranberry sauce from scratch - something he likes to make every year and is pretty simple to make - now cooling in the fridge over night.

I'll be cooking fresh green beans with olive oil, garlic, and almonds, and then will fold in freshly cooked bacon pieces - no cream of mushroom soup and crispy fried onions with these green beans.

This year, instead of the orange colored yams - chunky, baked, or mashed - like we traditionally do (one of those three), I'll be peeling and baking the yellow skinned sweet potatoes. Was thinking of preparing them in bite-sized tender chunks, but I might resort to mashing them. If mashed, ingredients I'm contemplating on mixing into the recipe are: white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, milk, butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, salt, and pepper, and bake in a 325 degree oven until heated through, about 30 minutes. And then it'll be topped with large marshmallows and baked till they're golden brown.

Brian's boss will be preparing freshly mashed potatoes and gravy. There will be stove top stuffing and rolls, and one of the other guests will bring a pie or two.

We are trying our best to keep the feast as simple as possible, which I guess could be labeled as "traditional."

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy! And have a toast "To the Clament's!"

M Kathy Brown said...

@Christa~ You could actually do a pretty good blog all of your own, by just posting what you have to say in all of your comments. Have you thought any more about doing one? I noticed you have your own google account...just a thought.

Sounds like a great meal at your end! I didn't get to eat mine until Saturday...seriously...too much fresh-squeezed-margarita...[sigh] :/

Julie said...

I'm hungry for Thanksgiving again after reading this. And thirsty for the prelude! I had to laugh at your P.P.S. :D

M Kathy Brown said...

@Julie~ I always enjoy having you stop by. Will have to pop over to your place to see what's up :~)