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Friday, April 8, 2011

"G" is for Ginger

2008 proved to be quite an eventful year for me. 

The four of us -- my mother, my husband, his mother with her Bijon Frise, and me -- all moved into this little green remodeled ranch-style house built in 1980. Nothing too fancy, but it was home.  

In fact, some of you may have read the story of how my husband dug a hole for the koi pond in the frozen, mud-packed, March earth amidst the roots of the aspen trees just outside our front door. 

By July we needed to replace our teal 1993 Ford Crown Victoria, so we chose to lease a new red Mazda CX-9. A wise choice, but I'd never recommend acquiring a new car in the first year after closing on a home.

What's all this have to do with "G" for Ginger!?

Well...not even a month later, we found ourselves looking for a way to break up boredom, when I suggested driving down the road to where an animal rescue tent had been set up...just to take a look. So that's what we did...with one exception.

I was ready to leave when my husband informed me that we didn't drive down there just to go home empty handed. Yikes! This really wasn't part of my plan to break up boredom. I turned towards him and said, "But there's only one dog here that I'd be interested in...that tiny female blonde Cocker Spaniel." She just sat there -- upright, sort of regal-like -- quietly observing everything going on in the midst of all the chaotic hub-bub

We soon learned how that little dog had lived her entire 5 years as a puppy-mill mommy, still showing evidence of nursing her last litter. The only home she had ever known was a wire crate about 2 feet off the ground. Sadly, green grass, toys and a vet were foreign to her, as was good food and exercise. That made it a done deal.

Once home, we  began to try on a dozen or more names over the next few days. The Rescue had named her Chloe, but that was not going to work for us. We finally chose Gingersnap, but decided to shorten it to Ginger. Somehow, it just seemed to fit.

So...they call this the kitchen.
Actually, I kinda like this grooming thing.
All mine!
This is a... toy.
They let me pick my bed out all by myself!
Am I dreaming or is this real?
Looking good and knowin' it : )
Practicing my new "p-l-e-a-s-e?"
This is where I learn tolerance.
Aaahh... MY chair!
Didn't know I'd fit under here so nicely :)
You moved MY rug.
Get off!?
Let me think about this...
Okay... but I want it back.
Finally, where it's supposed to be.
Do you want to... play?
They say I'm a little... dear?
Well, there it is. In a mere 6 months we had managed to move into our own home, lease a brand new car, and rescue a dog. Yes, 2008 was quite an eventful year indeed, as were these last two with our Ginger.


M Pax said...

Awww. She's so adorable. That's the same look my cats gave me when I tried to put antlers on their heads. Well, their looks were a little more evil. :)

M Kathy Brown said...

M ~
Thanks for stopping by! Actually, that was my husband's doing...he even used it as his facebook profile pic for awhile lol

Jeanne said...

I loved this story. It was like reading your Christmas letter but much more fun. I will be reading more.

M Kathy Brown said...

Jeanne ~
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!


Julie said...

Hi Kathy! I can't believe I missed this post earlier, it's wonderful! I didn't realize Ginger was a puppy mill dog, oh that just breaks my heart to think of it. So glad though that she found such a fabulous home with you, she sure deserved it after her rough start.

I couldn't even pick which picture was my favorite, one was better than the next as I scrolled through. I did get a laugh out of the "learning tolerance" picture though, how funny. And the reindeer antlers, adorable!!

Fabulous story, thanks for giving me the heads up. Hugs and pets to Ginger. :)

Christa said...

Love the photos of Ginger and, oh my, there are so many of them. :-)

So that isn't your newest car, is it? You think you'll write a blog about your newest car? Hint hint!